Chapter One: LA Bound

"Let's make a deal", Sarah told her parents. "No arguing the whole way out to Los Angeles." Her dad turned to her and said "No". Then they all argued about how much they argue.

I wish that were the end of the chapter, but it's only the beginning. I'll be in the car for another 19 hours. On the road to LA, to my goals, to my dreams. It's been 10 years in the making. I've said I wanted to live there, got semi-serious about it a few times, until at 29 years old it became something I FINALLY had to do. I don't know why I mustered up the courage to do it this late in life, or even if it's a smart decision. But here's the thing about "something you have to do"..... You HAVE to do it. You have no choice unless you want it to fester around in your brain, nagging and whispering until you can't take it anymore.
That little voice is calling me out to California. It might be because it wants to murder me in the following ways:
1) a gang fight in Compton. I was the wrong Derby girl in the wrong neighborhood.
2) The Big One. They said stand under a doorway, but no one mentioned how little good that does when your house is in a crater the size of Wichita.
3) The Liberals heard I was from Kansas and stabbed me. Naturally they thought I was evil and something the world needed to be rid of.

I'm really hoping that non of these scenarios play out, but instead I find the success and happiness in my career that I am looking for.

Wish me luck.


  1. Love you! Lots of prayers and luck headed your way. Hope the blogs get super frequent! :)

  2. All the best Sarah. Proud of you!
    I'll be seeing you soon in one of the following ways...

    1) You'll be producing something I'll be shooting.
    2) I'll be in LA for something random & we'll bump into each other in a seedy Burbank karaoke bar.

    Wes :)


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