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Weight of News

Sometimes the world converges into a series of weird coincidences.

Some would argue there's no such thing as "coincidence" because there's a master plan in the high heavens for us all.

I don't know which is which, I DO know, that I often experience something and in some miraculous way it's explained in a way that had nothing to do with the original experience.

Today, two separate things connected to me and my life and it got me thinking.

First, I saw this article (thanks for posting Rex!)
"When the Weight of the News Becomes Too Heavy For Those Covering It"
Feel free to read it. It's about seeing horrible shit and then having to report on it.

It basically brought back all the memories of some horrible news events I saw unfold or heard about.

I spent a few years working in news. When you work in news, seeing and hearing horrible things is unavoidable. Luckily, I was never in the field. So my experien…

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