If you don't try new things, nothing new will ever happen.

I thought I was crazy moving to LA. Many people did. But I had to TRY.
I've only been here a week. No, I still don't have a job, but I did something really cool today. I did something I wouldn't have done if I stayed in Kansas.
I went to E! News. (Yes I was invited).
It's silly....but this is my Mecca.
If I were a Jewish person, it'd be like visiting Israel.
If I were an alcoholic, it'd be like going to the Jack Daniels factory.
If I were a sex addict, it'd be like napping on Jenna Jameson's bed...or couch...or front seat...or kitchen table. ...
I've always loved E!
Yes I'm the weird girl that watches the 2 hour pre-show for all the award shows. I also watch the post shows. I'm pretty accurate at guessing the winners, and sadly even know them from past years. Now if only I could get a job doing that.
Oh...E! might have one?

Well I'm definitely going to try. Who knows what could happen. But I do know what would happen if I stayed in Kansas.