Stay Classy LA

Well, after a long and grueling search...4 weeks to be exact...I landed a job.

Ok, I know that's an ass-holey thing to say. People search for months, sometimes years until they find something. I was lucky.

The short story of it all is I'm going to be freelancing at CBS2/KCAL as a promotions producer. It'll be nice because I'll still have some freedom to keep searching for the perfect job, while earning a paycheck and putting some LA work on the 'ol resume.

I'm still a bit in a daze about it. I went from a #69 market to a #2 market. In a month. With just a few phone calls and good timing. I don't feel like it's at all deserved, but I feel very grateful.

I guess sometimes I think "why do good things happen to me?" Like I'm not putting enough good vibes out in the world to get good vibes back. I've never fed a homeless person. I've never rescued a dog or a small child. I don't eat enough fruits during the day, but I'm pretty sure I said I did on all my health screenings (It's just easier....). Oh, and I have zero clue who Eric Church is. Like zero.

Never-the-less, I got a job in LA.

So I worked until 11pm tonight. It was kind of strange first day. Mostly because I didn't even realize it was my first day. I went in to fill out an application for approval to start working. Then I was told to shadow the nightside topical producer. So I did. But then the promo manager left. She didn't tell me how long I was supposed to stay or if I should come in the next day. So I just hung out until 11pm.

Some things I learned today:
1) Newsrooms are the same. Wherever you go.
There are always crazy producers, EP's who have WAY too much on their plates, loud scanners, web people who you can't tell if they're working or dicking around on the internet (I've learned they are always working), and people who love free food.

2) A makeup person is budgeted in LA.

3) It is cool to work in a place with a cafeteria in the basement. Today was Taco Thursday. I like Taco Thursday and appreciate that I don't have to leave work to get a good Carne Asada.

4) Change can be good and healthy. It helps you grow as a person. Take risks. Try as opposed to not trying.

5) If you work late at a job, it's probably best to go right to bed instead of staying up and writing mindless blogs.