Man, people say politicians are backward and shady.
I can say the same thing for the human race.

I can definitely see why there are some who simply do not want to discuss politics. It can truly bring out the ugly side in people. I mostly make jokes (what else is new?) because I think people can take themselves way too seriously. While politics isn't a joke, and I believe it is very important to get out there and exercise your right to vote, I hate what it brings out in many people. Notice, I'm writing this after the election.

I'm not trying to point the finger at any one in particular, but let's just discuss for a second some of the absurdity I've seen over the course of the last few months.

1) "Go out and vote!"*

 *But only if you're voting for the candidate that I endorse.

I appreciate that my generation is involved and passionate about this great freedom that we have. But when you name call or try to publicly humiliate a person who doesn't share your views, you're more or less shoving their freedom in their face.  Shouldn't we just be glad we aren't all getting shot for writing on a ballot? Obama, Romney, Johnson, Baldwin...whomever it is...you get to choose! Where did this "screw you for not agreeing with me" mentality come from? Bleh!

2) Educate yourself on ALL the issues or don't vote at all!

Uhhhhh....I don't know too many people who know the ins and outs of ALL the issues. Most people pick and choose the most important things to them and vote based on that. You're seriously going to tell me that you know the views of every candidate, from every party on the ballot? Foreign Policy, Medicare, Medicaid, Religion, Education, Economy, Abortion, Unemployment, Illegal Immigrants, Campaign Finance, Abortion, Death Penalty,  Health Care, Firearms, Gay Rights, Homeland Security, Obama's views on whether he should get a new dog, Mitt's favorite childhood TV show....etc etc etc
Let's just take it easy folks. It's okay if we aren't all walking Wolf Blitzers. Those who tell people not to vote if they aren't "fully informed" just say that because they believe everyone else is an idiot and they aren't voting for the person they are. But, THAT'S OKAY. Not everyone has to vote for your guy. Accept that we all have different opinions and beliefs and lets get on with it.

3) If you say something I don't like, I'm gonna unfriend you!/ If I say something you don't like, go ahead an unfriend me!

WTF? If you're going to unfriend a friend for having a different opinion, they aren't your friend in the first place. True friends are kind, understanding, and respectful. These unfriending "threats" are silly. Thanks for being tolerant of other views, you're really showing that bi-partisan side you so admire. Really.

4) No one is "stupid" for voting for Romney. No one is "retarded" for voting for Obama. Everyone is just picking the person they feel they most jive with. You might not agree with it, but be cool my babies...it's their decision. I understand why people would feel passionate about their candidate, because ultimately, the whole country has to live with it. You're allowed to not like the other guy, but for pete's sake....don't get pissy at the person voting. They're doing what they think is best.

5) You're guy lost....it's sad. But do we have to lament over it for months after the fact? Let's all get behind the guy that did win. He's your President...again. What happened to "United We Stand"? Nothing good can come if we are standing in the way. You have 4 more years of Obama. You might not like it. He'll probably make some mistakes. He's not perfect. Guess what? Neither is Romney. We will never get what we hope for, but I think a positive attitude goes a long way.

I can't watch Bill Maher because he hates everything and I can't listen to Ann Coulter because she's a witch. They are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum, however, they have something in common. They are both so incredibly zoned in to their own beliefs they tune everything else out. I'm not sure that's healthy. I kind of feel sorry for any one who admires people like them. I think finding a balance and keeping an open mind is important. Listening to your friends who don't agree with you is how you learn and grow. It's also a great way to figure out what you actually believe on particular issues. You can still be you and you can still have your own opinion....but don't shut out someone else's.

Thanks for voting for whomever it was. It's pretty cool that we get to do it...plus getting a sticker is incredibly satisfying.