An Afternoon Encounter

Little things make my day. On a walk today I ran into an old man sitting on a stool on the sidewalk with his dog. "Cute dog" I said. "I belong to him" he chuckled. I laughed and carried on. 

On my way home, he was still there. "You're back!" He exclaimed with a smile. This time I stopped and chatted. He told me his dog's name was "Bentley". "Like the car" I said. "Like the Queen's ROYAL car" he corrected. He had many dogs in his life. All Corgis. (The royal animal of choice). Winston, Charles. "They take after me!" said the man. "Oh? They're royalty?"

"No! They're all cute!"   

"I'll give you that one" I said. 
I should have pulled up a stool and joined him. I'm sure it would have been quite the afternoon.