Beware of the Phog Blog: Ballin'

I didn't lick TRob's sweat, but I did see Connor Teehan's ass. At least I think it was Connor. It all happened so fast and I had to avert my eyes. Post lockeroom interviews are kind of creepy, these guys are so young.

The whole game was lightening speed. I was sitting right under the hoop. As a friend pointed out, the only girl photographer on the court. It was a great spot. I took a ton of pics, sometimes forgetting that I was actually watching a KU game. The game just moves so slow on TV. Every 3 takes forever. You hold your breath waiting to see if it sinks. When you're up close, you don't even have time to blink.
For awhile, Detroit actually kept up with the Hawks. But once we took a big 15 point lead at the beginning of the 2nd half, they didn't stand a chance.
I relaxed a lot more and enjoyed every second.
Taking pictures is fun. I see why people want to do it for a living. The editing process was slow and frustrating because of technical problems, but this would definitely be a cool career choice.

Back to the lockeroom, I felt horrible for some of the guys. The media doesn't talk to everyone. Just the stars. So guys like Justin Wesley sit around watching their teammates get interviewed. Their feelings have to be hurt. I wanted to pat him on the back and say "there, there. You're good too".

So far this has been an awesome experience. I'm glad I had the chance to do it. The good game pics aren't loaded yet- like I said, technical difficulties. But to see some of them, go to and look for photo galleries.