Beware of the Phog (Blog)

I'm not a blogger. I'm a writer. I find there's a difference.
I stuck my nose up at the thought of a blog.

"They're just a hipster's paradise. A place for posting cat pictures, obscure ramblings about life, stupid quotes and memes. What the hell is a meme anyway? No one even knows how to pronounce it".

Something along those lines. You get the idea.

My twitter and Facebook were enough of an outlet to get my random musings to my friends and to strangers. And to strangers who are now my friends.

So why the hell am I blogging? I'm admittedly here with apprehension, but I'm here. And you're here. So cool. Welcome.

I was planning a sweet trip to Austin this week.  If you didn't know, SXSW is happening. Or "South by" if you're nasty. A brother with a free hotel room and the potential to hear some pretty kick ass music can't be bad. It was by no means a well-thought out trip. I was still undecided on whether I was going 3 days before my departure date. However, I did wake up Monday and made up my mind. I was going.

Was. I WAS going.

That was until KU got a #2 seed in the NCAA tournament and thus a scheduled game in Omaha.
My boss came up to me hours after I decided to go to SXSW and made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
Luckily, no horse heads were involved.

What was involved? know...just the chance to hit the road and cover the practices and the games for the TV station I work for. No big deal for someone who isn't a huge Jayhawk fan, but for someone who has literally thought of licking the sweat off of one Thomas Robinson- it was kind of the chance of a lifetime.

Now I get PAID to watch my team play in the tournament. I get to stand inches away from the guys I scream at weekly on the TV tubes. And they might actually hear me this time.

I'm sure I'll get weird stares. There will be times I'm not going to know where to stand, or what to do with my hands. But I'm going. And it's going to be amazing. And I'm going to blog about it.