Beware of the Phog Blog: Practice Makes Perfect

We arrived in Omaha yesterday afternoon. Went to see the team arrive. Quite the media frenzy for a bunch of guys getting off a bus. They seemed amused at the giant crowd waiting for them at the hotel. I was secretly doing recon work for when I would stalk TRob later that night.

Later we went out with some of the media folks. I think the rum and cokes may have distracted me from my secret mission because I did not, in fact, make Robinson my little spoon last night.

Todays theme was up close and personal. We were packed like sardines in an itty bitty locker room but got to talk to all the players. Some technical issues kept Jenn busy for a bit so I got to hold the mic. I think I did a decent job as far as mic holding goes. Good form, strong grip. The guys seemed impressed.
Some people ask really dumb questions though. My fav was to Thomas "what's your relationship with Tyshawn off the court?". Not sure what answer was expected. We all know "little spoon" is taken.

After that they practiced. I shot pictures. Got some good crotch shots for my own personal collection. Ok not really. At least not on purpose. It was fun and I think I missed my calling as a photographer. I have full access to the court and tomorrow will be sitting right next to the basket!

KState sneaked by a win today. Now just waiting for the Shox to do the same. Although they're down right now. Hope they get this W!