Beware of the Phog Blog: We're Gonna Dance

"We're gonna dance, we're gonna dance". It's what Thomas Robinson said over and over to his friend as he left the lockeroom. The reporters were talking to Coach Self, so I may have been the only other person to hear this excited 21-year old's little rap to his friend. The Jayhawks fought hard to go to the Big Dance, and like TRob said, dance they will.

It wasn't an easy game to watch. As excited as I was to be on the sideline again and take pictures, I could barely stay focused on the job at hand. Especially when Hummel was raining down 3s, and none of our guys could stop him. Purdue certainly was there to win. They lead the game until 3 minutes were left. Robinson was heavily guarded at all times and as Self said during post, couldn't score no matter how hard he tried. Tyshawn was also struggling because of Purdue's defense. Luckily, we had Elijah and Connor. They stepped up and by some miracle, KU won. I admit, I choked up. I shook with excitement, and forgot to take pics those last two seconds, because I was holding my breath and soaking it in.

A couple side notes. I've been saying I would lick TRobs sweat. You'll be happy to know, I did. Granted, it was not off him as envisioned. It's kinda gross actually, but I had to do it. You see, the lockeroom is small. You know the circus when 15 clowns come out of that tiny ass car and you say "how the hell did they all fit"? It's like that. We cram in there, vacuuming every last bit of oxygen out of the disgusting, assy smelling room. But your camera man needs to carry bulky gear and squeeze in to get interviews. Then I have to squeeze through the moldy mess to get a mic near their mouth.

I was crammed next to TRobs leg, kneeling on the ground. He was talking about how well Elijah played when I felt my knee was wet. I looked down to discover what I can only imagine was his under shirt or some kind of underwear. It soaked my pants and left a nice round mark of TRob sweat. So I touched it, then barely licked my finger. Now that's some nasty stalker shit for you, but it's a good story.

Lockeroom story #2:
Even Tyshawn didn't wanna go in there. He was one of the guys who answered questions at the podium. Then he went back toward the lockeroom for media interviews. Except he didn't want to go in there. He stopped in the hall and said "no I'm not going in there, it's too crowded man, and it's hot. I'm sitting in this chair right here, you tell them that's where I'll be." I said "oh you mean you actually like oxygen, Tyshawn"? He just said "yeah man, it's hot!"

The guys started showering, so that meant getting undressed and walking around naked or with towels as one tends to do in lockerooms. But interviews weren't over yet. I walked back in to help our photographer Jeffrey. As I was standing there one of the guys kept yelling to the others " you guys! The girl is in here. You're walking around naked. There's still a girl here!" I busted up laughing and he just kept yelling it because he saw me giggling.
Oh college boys. Funny.

We're heading home now. ETA to Wichita: 5am. It's going to be a looooong Monday. But this trip was worth it.